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A Talk theralpy 

3mins, double -screen 4K colored video , stereo, digital moving image,variable size

​M50, Shanghai ,Yard Gallery, 2021

All physical diseases are understood when they are physically seen, but the brain is treated specially. Using talk therapy session as a guideline, In the post-human era, the voice of AI algorithm is used to talk with the "other" in the picture -- that is, the crowd. To discuss the discussion. people often say that the work is "discussing" or other in the context, but the real question here is if we discuss this kind of "discussion", what will the conversation be like at this time?


As a living person in a green screen suit who was completely digitized after being cut with his identity concealed. Now the question turns out to be "who is psycho?" green one, mass, or audience ...




尝试跟糖尿病患者说 “让你的胰脏振作一点嘛”,如果有任何用处。


所有身体疾病当被物理看到的时候都会受到理解,大脑却会被特殊对待。在后人类时代用AI算法的声音与图片中的“他者”——即群众对话。去讨论 “讨论”。 当代语境下固有的作品在“讨论”什么什么,而此时实质抛出的问题是:如果去讨论这种“讨论”,对话会是怎样?



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