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McDonalds‘ apocalypse (2022)


Performance,18 mins.

Inspection camera (streaming and projection ), teddy bear, vinyl, dental operating materials, modified synth

stereo sound, variable size , Auction- priced 


In a monologue, the artist puts themselves up for auction. The work has been auctioned on eBay worldwide online 14 days before the exhibition's opening night. You, as an audience, have the right to bid in any form.


Chef Zhuyang and the performance artist -The Bear from McDonald's Happy Meal met on the street

They help each other to expand their bodies by operating in the theatre. When the tactics are being controlled, the foods are always the same when they go into the stomach. But the most important link between the food chain and consumers is probably those children who hide the happy meal toy in their gut...


All the sounds from McDonald's apocalypse (2022) exist in one output. In the fermentation of a poetic pulp event, the auditory game is brought by soundscape piecemeal. The sound and inspecting image as the stolen disclaimer constructs an absurd new system with the relationship between the public, consumption, production mechanism and body. Would you believe what happened in front of you? Who is who, or could you even believe the words that you just read?

2023 March , at Staffordshire St ,Peckham, South East London, UK.

Web-based gallery 'Der Vierte Raum ', Frappant e.V. Germany, Hamburg. 

Curated by YIfan He 
















2023 三月,“Sword and Kisses” Staffordshire St ,Peckham, South East London, UK.

Web-based gallery 'Der Vierte Raum ', Frappant e.V. Germany, Hamburg.

 'Der Vierte Raum ', Frappant e.V. Germany, Hamburg. 

༺♥༻ -: ✧ 𝕷𝖎𝖓𝖐 𝖎𝖓 𝖇𝖎𝖔 ✧ :- ༺♥༻✧ 



> a fully editable website for you to leave notes, comments, love confessions, and unsent messages to your crush.

> build ur own exhibition space (random n 2d) 

> one click teleportation to 7 new worlds

> cctv (dv quality)  p4mane nite full recording + video diaries by Miyako, Nikki, & Haneros. 

> readinglist homeworkkk


Have fun!!!!


✧༺♥༻ -: ✧ 𝖆𝖇𝖙 𝕾𝖓𝕶 ✧ :- ༺♥༻✧ 

Swords and Kisses is supported using public funding by National Lottery and Arts Council England.

Much appreciation to Staffordshire St Gallery @staffordshirest ‘a support of the physical exhibition and Die Vierte Raum @dervierteraum ‘s support in hosting our online archive.

Participating artists Chaney Diao @chaney_dms , Kash & Germ @kashngerm , Axe Binondo @wing_blade , Zhuyang Liu @zhuyangleiu , Nitesh Tailor @nitesh__tailor99 , Song Han @haneros_1010 , Chia Amisola @hotemogf , Jiawei Zheng @shotwoomoo , angel dust @rebelliuschaperone, and Nikki Caranzo @nikkicc__.

Curated + web developed by: Yifan He @mzhyff


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Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 22.06.15.PNG

Performance photo archives

2023, 23rd March , at Staffordshire St ,Peckham, London . Artist / Photographer  :Lam Pok Yin

Highest bidder contract signed on March 27,2023


2023 March , at Staffordshire St ,Peckham, "Sword and Kisses" "South East London, UK.

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