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Bus, Rabbit and Chicken soup


Marika Tyler- Clark

Lara Baksu

Zhuyang Liu




A quirky performance set in poetry, writing and sound took place in the city and the mountains.


Listen, they're talking about traveling, life and romance, oh no

Could it be nonsense about sex addicts and rabbit, or maybe chicken soup and drag queens?

Yes, there are three rabbits, a violin, a tortilla, a bowl of Turkish chicken soup, a steering wheel, and a missing foot.

In the end, was anyone killed? Something about The one who is more stubborn than Jazz

To the south, in Florence, we boarded a London bus. drive froward, with no pedestrians in sight.

cops arrested a rabbit, does the missing foot stands for the hidden consequence of French kissing.

In the end, we're all poor.

I can drive, you said you are not skilled , I said let's save some food , even if it just for courage.

I have some missing tortillas, some rabbit tails, and a few useful cops.


For this 30-minute semi-improvisational live performance, after the writing Liu invited artists Marika Tyler-Clark (UK) and Lara Baksu (Turkey, based in UK) to enter their instrumental installation scene to activate all the sounds, actions and conversations. This was the first collaboration between the three. 


Marika Tyler-Clark: Violin, vocals

Lara Baksu: Instrumental installation (percussion), vocals

Zhuyang Liu: MIDI keyboard, synthesizer, bass drum, vocals

Exhibition & Festival :Candid Art Trust , London,UK

                                 SYSTEM, Shanghai , China 


Marika Tyler- Clark

Lara Baksu

Zhuyang Liu















关于这场大约30分钟的半即兴现场表演,刘竹洋在完成撰写文本后,邀请到艺术家Marika Tyler- Clark ( UK ), Lara Baksu  (Turkey, based in UK) 进入她制作的乐器装置场景中,激活所有的声音,行动与对话,是三人之间的第一次合作。

Marika Tyler- Clark : 小提琴,人声

Lara Baksu : 乐器装置(打击乐),人声

Zhuyang Liu 刘竹洋 : MIDI键盘, 合成器,低音鼓,人声

过往展览及音乐节 :    Candid Art Trust , London,UK

                                 SYSTEM, Shanghai , China 

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