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Where do I come from 2022

Performance, Live sound, 20mins

​Where Do I Come From ? (2022)


I always asked my parents where am I cam from , why people married and had children. They said I'd know when I grew older, but it was already torturing not knowing the truth. Okay, well, I decided to find out myself. WHERE AM I CAME FROM ??? My family has a farm in the suburbs where we have chickens, pigs, and many other animals, so I started by looking at how animals are born. I'm going to use the pig as an example because they are my favourite animal and one of my favourites for eating. 

Analyzing the logic above, there is a question —where does the raw meat go?

1. Apparently, some cooked meat was eaten by us.

2. Some of the meat leftovers we ate were thrown into the garbage bin downstairs.

After the investigation

1. First of all, by thorough cooking, cooked meat is free of most bacteria and renewable microorganisms.

2. Second, when eaten cooked meat is converted into protein in the stomach, the meat itself disappears.

3.. Raw meat, on the other hand, contains many, many organisms that have the potential to continue growing, so it's probably where I want to explore the primary question


— where am i came from? 



1. 显然,我们吃了一些熟肉。

2. 我们吃的一些剩肉被扔进了楼下的垃圾箱。


1. 首先,通过彻底烹饪,熟肉中没有大多数细菌和可再生微生物。

2. 其次,当熟肉在胃里转化为蛋白质时,肉本身就消失了。




Written by - Zhuyang Liu 

Co -Artist of Costumes and setting - Kexin Jiang

Lighting - Guanyi Chen 

Casting-  Xuan He , Cheng Cheng Li 

Stage despatcher - Xuan He 

Script Refining - Shiyun Teo , Joe Shone Hatchwell 

"Sites of compulsive Return" Usual Bsiness Gallery, London , UK 

​Curated by - Eric Arnal

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