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​Zhuyang Liu (London based, born in Beijing) is a trans-media artist, Guzheng musician and composer, mentored by Zhou Xin virtuoso Guzheng player from the National Orchestra of China Broadcasting Art Troupe, Zhuyang inherits 北派 (Northern) Guzheng art. Zhuyang plays nylon, steel strung Guzheng, multi-tone Guzheng, as well as other plucked string instruments, such as Guqin, Duxianqin, Koto etc. The winner of the second prize of solo and the first prize of ensemble performance, at the China-Japan-Korea International Guzheng Conference 2013. 


Zhuyang’s cultural background in multidisciplinary fields has enabled her to explore and fuse ethnic, contemporary sound works, listening and free improvisation. She uses found material creating unusual instruments, amplified objects, field recordings and electronics for a wider musical soundscape. Zhuyang was described as " making world-infused sound by deliriously poetic language" "the fusion of chordophone with electronica madness sobering you up, grooving your brain and your doo-doo" " please don't you again faint another audience in our venue!  "  . 


From 2022-2023, Zhuyang scored, sound designed independent film ‘NOW, THEN- 5.1 channel audio’, “Run! Dorothy Run!”  scored and sound directed multiple projects of fashion collections and runways. Zhuyang’s  UK & China based project include: Trio collective ‘Lao San Yang’ , Duo ‘Epic life doggerel verse’, hybrid project system "ZHUYANGER 撞".Recent sets including : British Museum , London/ Hundred years Gallery, Frappant e.V. gallery, Hamburg/ Staffordshire St, London/ /San Mei Gallery, London / SYSTEM, Shanghai / JZ Jazz club, Hangzhou


Research-based writing ‘The Sonic Arsenal of alternative instruments: A "Unconventional Warfare “in Sound, Noise, and Conflict’,has provide a important aspect based on 'Sonic Warfare' Steve Goodman(2010). The writing is open up the conversation of sonic force and the politics of sound which have long captivated artists and composers in the history of music ,sound art,improvisation as they continually push the boundaries of what is considered musical or acceptable in the auditory domain. 



刘竹洋是现驻伦敦的跨媒体艺术家。师从中国广播民族乐团古筝演奏大师周昕,传承中国北派筝,作为青年古筝演奏家、作曲人,演奏钢丝筝,多声筝,其后对于非遗京族独弦琴艺术、日本筝等世界弹拨弦乐器进行持续的探索。 获2013年中日韩国际古筝大赛独奏、合奏金奖等。

融合的文化背景在刘竹洋的作品和视野中创造了一种具有挑衅性的民族洞察力和当代对话的结合,你能听到 怎样聆听,民族文化、当代声音艺术、和自由即兴。她使用发现的材料制作不寻常的乐器,发声的物体,田野录音和电子设备,使得重建乐器的极端演奏沉浸在电子与乐器原声的平行移动的音景中。竹洋被形容为“用充满诗意的癫狂语言发出充满世界的声音”“弦乐器与电子乐的融合让你清醒,让你的大脑和便便一起跳舞” “请不要再在我们的场地让观众晕倒了!””。


2022-2023年,刘竹洋为独立电影《NOW, THEN- 5.1声道》酷儿独立短片《桃乐丝快跑》乐曲创作、声音设计,为多个时装系列和T台项目配乐并作为声音艺术指导,多个实体CD发行。其在中国与英国的项目包括: 实验三人组合“老三样”,二人组“史诗般的生活打油诗” hybrid project system "ZHUYANGER 撞。刘竹洋对重建乐器的极致演奏让观众沉浸在一个浪漫的游戏室中,同时发现虚构的故事在音景中平行移动。作品的“荒诞和戏剧化”来自于乐器的神秘语境与其对声音概念的独特理解—声音的成因受到其物质性的挑战。近期演出: British Museum ,London/ Hundred years Gallery, Frappant e.V. gallery, Hamburg/ Staffordshire St, London/ /San Mei Gallery, London / SYSTEM, Shanghai / JZ Jazz club, Hangzhou








An experimental collective of three Chinese independent artists Bianco Li, Corey Lyu, Zhuyang Liu, based in London.  During their own art practices, the first musically encounter was a spark of mutual interests and similar cultural backgrounds. Bianco Li has her own practice on jazz, free improvisation and folk singing and was looking for collaboration on stage-based experimental performers. While Corey Lyu talks about his interest of Chinese Opera singing and does his own hand-made costumes for pop ups. Zhuyang Liu is a Guzheng player / string instrumentalist, but sometimes you'll find them bring the retooled instruments, electronics and fictions on the stage like soap operas.  The first performance ‘mountain ghost’ took place in Amershan Arms, March 2022. A trio of 30min impromptu performance in conversation through multiple eastern, modified Instruments, alternative vocal experiment, body language and noise.  

三位旅居伦敦的中国青年独立艺术家在疫情期间,不约而同地开始思考声音与表演新的表达方式。Bianco、吕博功【皂罗袍】,刘竹洋,歪打正着,在东伦敦一个地下场地,三个人扛着裂了条缝的二手筝、手作的戏服,吕扮上薛湘灵的行头、B带着eBay上五磅淘来的笛子……完成了第一次即兴对话。(‘山鬼’,Amershan Arms,London 2022 Mar. 15th)第二次演出的时候非常紧迫,三人在演出前一天草草写下概念并排练。Bianco在朋友发宣传的时候写道:“明天在别人客厅里演出(实际是个厨房),8点,还是老三样。”这个称呼就这么用着了。(Dangerous kitchen,London,2022 Sep)三人2023年6月7号的专场表演在百年画廊(Hundred Years Gallery)展开,五个不同概念的声音作品,观众默契地挤满空间。被英国当代艺术家Markus Eisenmann评价为“无可挑剔的演出”。




‘Zhēng Gǔ Dí ’  2022

  ‘Guǐ ’, or ‘oni’ (Japanese) in the eastern context is both monsters and gods. Various things have their gods, god of land, of water, of wealth and of poverty. ‘Guǐ ‘ is a vaguer existence, a god without formal position. ‘山鬼’ mountain god, being as the ruler of the mountain, but cannot escape from its duty, its fate of lives and dies with the mountain. 

March 15th 2022, performance ‘Mountain Ghost’, Amersham Arms, London. 

Live recording:

Innovative style of playing presents a soundscape that blurs myth and reality through playing around with the sound pick- up tactics. They bring about the fusion scenes of ethnic and contemporary life under the context of asian culture and their nomadic identities.

‘Zh ē ngG ǔ D í ’  / mountain ghost 山鬼 , 2022


​Zhuyang & Joe Shone - Epic life doggerel verse 2022

When I first got on the Uber, I wasn't gonna talk to the driver . Because I like to look at the shape of people's heads in vehicles.  the driver is a bald man, there are too many bald man here he is just normal@ but i’m actually emo because before i left the pub and called the cub i mean the pub beside her place, we only sleep at her’s cuz mine is doggy ..@#$%$$@@% 

Written by Zhuyang Liu, Live 2022 improvisation

Zhuyang Liu - Guzheng, Electronic, Vocal

Joe Shone - Piano , Vocal

Recording and mixing Jan 2023

1. I like to observe the shape of people's head in the tube 04:54

2. Driver said - my girlfriend I mean my wife I mean, we never got married we got a son but I barely see him 06:24

3.Human being you just think too much of your LIFE 09:28

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